You Have To Get Out of Your Mind

Good Morning. Here are 2 thoughts as we share a cup of coffee.

  1. We Have To Get Out of Our Minds To Be Present
  2. Being Present Is an Energy Transmission – (Did you know that?  I hadn’t fully realized this …. Hmmm.)

The Science Behind Energy Transmission

Being Present is centered in the heart.  The heart sparks more energy transmission than the brain.  Our hearts are much more than a mechanical pump.

The heart communicates with the brain and body in four ways.

  1.  It has a neurological system. The heart sends out more neurotransmitters to the brain than what it receives.
  2. The heart is part of our hormonal system.
  3. It pumps energy waves throughout our bodies (our pulse)
  4. The heart has an electromagnetic field (EMF) that is 40-60% stronger than our brains’ EMF that communicates to our cells and extends into the space 360 degrees surrounding our bodies, out to 3-4 feet.

Our hearts are not only communicating constantly with every cell of our bodies and our brains, it is interacting with others around us through our EMFs.

So when we sit and have coffee with others our sense of Presence is transmitted through our heart generated EMFs. That’s the source of the energy transmission. Hmmm.  

How I Got Out of My Mind and Into Presence as a Nurse Leader

As a leader, accessing one’s deep authenticity, heart, on the spot is a quandary, as it is for nurses.

I learned to tap into my authenticity, my presence  “on the spot” by opening conversations with, “tell me about you.”

I discovered the usefulness of this question when rounding with nurses,  but I didn’t realize at the time that this was my way of getting out of my head and into my heart.

I thought it was just a question. But what it did was give me immediate access into the nurse, which gave me a connection that drew me in.

Now I realize that this question was for me.  It gave me a pause, and a way to get out of my head and into my humanity, my authenticity, my presence…. which transmitted energy through my heart’s EMF.

Being Present Is An Energy Transmission. I know this from the bottom of my heart.


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