Yearning for More? Yearning for Success in Nursing, in Life?

Chances are, you are yearning for more in your practice, like many nurses.

The first critical step is to ask yourself, “What are you yearning for?”

This is where it gets tricky. “Wanting more” is a trigger for us to think about what brought us to nursing,  and how we can fulfill that in our current practice.

And yes, this is likely wrapped up in knowing our Life’s Purpose.Unknown

And Life Success is fulfilling our Soul’s Purpose.

Note – Life Success is not a lavish life style, or big money, or etc. …  It’s about what we do every day, and right now.

For me, Success is helping myself and others around me … to grow personally….

My mission is to help NURSES grow personally.

 I believe that nursing and nurses’ caring will not survive and progress in our current healthcare system unless enough nurses learn to tap into their internal compass to grow personally in their practice.

All lives are important. The Nursing Profession is critical in people’s lives. Let us not underestimate the impact your authentic care has on people’s lives and society at large.images-4

Obviously, life’s purpose and success can be a lot of different things to each of you and at different times in your lives.

Regardless of where we are in our career or developmental stage, the notion of success is inescapable to each of us. We all tend to yearn for something more, the next thing, a better job, more satisfaction in life, to be happier, etc.

And that yearning, like success, can have different effects on each of us at different times. That yearning can be productive or destructive.

This is where Our Mindsets come into play,  and how Mindfulness can help free us and can lighten the demands and stress of our work.

Why is this so important for you and all nurses?

Because your jobs are some of the most difficult jobs there are, in the most complex industry there is, and amidst people’s suffering everyday.

As a nurse, your only way to be successful in your practice is to be aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors as they happen so that you can lean towards what is helpful and healthy for you…and for those around you.

 Be the plant that always grows towards the sun. Unknown-1

First you have to know what you are yearning for, then you have to learn how you can help yourself….

  • to identify your personal purpose in your practice
  • to identify what personal success is in your practice
  • to feel successful in the moment
  • to rejoice in the feelings of that success

The tools are Becoming

  • Mindful About Your Mindsets
  • Mindful about what is happening around you in the moment, to see things more clearly
  • Purposeful with self-reflection so you learn, self-correct, grow
  • Successful in staying on purpose
  • Thankful for the care you gave, and the lives you touched.

You can learn that success is not about the future, or the next job, it’s about the present moment.   Learning success in the present …. sets you up for continued success in the future, in your practice and in your life.

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