Words of Wisdom from 40 Years of Caring Science

I attended this celebratory event, honoring Jean Watson’s 40 years of contributions to caring science. 

Here are just a few words of wisdom I gathered from the speakers:

  • Nursing is precisely what the world needs now – Jean Watson
  • This is a time for solution seeking, not problem solving – Jean Watson
  • What if you invest in your employees, and they leave?  More importantly, what if you don’t invest in your employees and they stay? – Jim D’Alfonso from Kaiser Permanente
  • Quantum caring consciousness impacts not only people, but the environment – Jean Watson
  • Authentic caring moments transcend time and space, they linger beyond – Jean Watson

  • Nursing is one profession that cannot be replaced by Artificial Intelligence – Jean Watson
  • Note- 2020 is the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife – Barbara Dossey, Holistic Nursing
  • How the brain creates consciousness is still not completely understood.  Consciousness operates through the brain, but does not come from it – Larry Dossey, MD
  • Ancient Wisdom Knowledge. Consciousness is a long journey that returns you to what has been –
  • The ancient wisdom knowledge that is in caring science taps into what is already known. It does not say anything we don’t already know.  But by saying it, you will know that you know.  You will know that you know by its resonance within you; your body will tell you. Janet Quinn, caring/healing
  • Caring science and consciousness requires no money – Jean Watson
  • When we are in a positive mood state, our assessments are better quality because we have the capacity to take more information in –  Mary Jo Krieitzer on Integrative Nursing citing Positivity research
  • Caritas practices (caring/healing).  It’s hard for nurses to engage in Caritas practices, if they have not been bestowed with Caritas.  The best person to bestow Caritas practices upon nurses is the nurse leaders – Gayle Novack, CNO, Ascension St. John Hospital Medical Center, Detroit.
  • The soft stuff is the hard stuff – Jim D’Alfonso from Kaiser Permanente

And Jean always ends with this message


Thank you, Jean Watson, for the light in your soul.

May there be peace in the world …


Note – I presented a Poster, Caring Engagement Conversations – One Way to Lead Authentic Caring.  (to be posted on my website …)

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