Why Do Nurses, In Particular, Need To Be Smart About Their Emotions?

The science of emotional intelligence helps us become smarter about our emotions. It involves self-awareness first and foremost and then self-management, which directly impact our relationship management.

This knowledge is critical for every nurse.

There has been cascading evidence over the past decades, that demonstrates that  emotional intelligence is a critical wellbeing factor.

As it turns out, our emotions rule right along with our thoughts. And sometimes more than our thoughts.

I was surprised once when I read that the emotionally competent expert leader, “can think and feel simultaneously.” Porter-O’Grady, T. & Malloch, K. (2011)

I thought, “Wow, is that possible?”

I thought my rational thoughts were dictating my behaviors, and then I started to notice…

As the physical sciences evolve, we are learning that emotions not only impact our mind, but our bodies as well.

Medical science has come in with the verdict, how we feel impacts our physical health.

So, where the mind goes, so goes the body.    Langer, PhD. has studied this in her groundbreaking psychology research for 30 years.

“What you believe changes your biology.”   Northrup, MD. has witnessed this in her 30 years of medical practice.

As nurses, this is no little thing.

It’s time that every nurse unpacks her/his emotions and gets ahead of this cascade of knowledge and gets real.

Everyday you are front and center in people’s significant life events. And each situation is inescapably full of emotions. Strike 1

You bring with you a heightened level of sensitivity and humanity, or else you wouldn’t be a nurse. Strike 2.

Additionally, you work in the most complex industry there is, where stress is high for everyone in it. Strike 3

… And how you are feeling, thinking and behaving will dictate if you will strike out or hit a home run, DAILY!

Obviously, how you process this is critical for your mind/body health.

Emotional intelligence will help.


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2 thoughts on “Why Do Nurses, In Particular, Need To Be Smart About Their Emotions?

  1. eMarie says:

    I agree. Nurses give so much tmat times that it causes mental & physical damage. Nurses need to learn how to apply their science to their health.

    1. pmcclendon says:

      True. Take care of you.

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