What To Do When ….. You Want to Have Fun

OK, Once again I am drawn into Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project.

Fun is Energizing


I am definitely an All Work, No Play type of person, and so is Rubin as she describes in her book.

My observations tell me, So Are Most Nurses.

That’s why self-care is so important to us.

Part of self-care is NOT just doing what is good for you (although, there is that…),

Self-Care is doing things that make you Feel Good and Are Fun.


One thing that a healthy and happy person will tell you is that they know how to play and their particular kind of play helps them feel good.

So let it be known, not all play and ‘feel good’ activities are the same for everyone. Congrats if this is something you already were conscious of. But I can say that I have not always been aware of this.   So for those of us still evolving our fun aware selves, know this:

… researchers define play “as an activity that’s very satisfying, has no economic significance, doesn’t create social harm, and doesn’t necessarily lead to praise or recognition.” Rubin, p 113

There are many ways to go about this….


One thing that Rubin brought out in the open was her love of children’s literature, called “kidlit”. So this move brought her a whole new group of people that she became instant soul mates with and with whom she started hanging out.

Hmmm. I think that is great! And now that I live in a new town, this is a great pursuit. A group of friends centered around fun? Great idea!

And here is another step in discovery that I especially love as I become more conscious of my inner child.

If you are wondering what play activity to pursue that is guaranteed fun designed specifically for you….

Ask yourself this,

What did you like to do when you were a child?


The thought is, what you enjoyed as a 10 year old is probably something you would enjoy now.   This is a sure way to tap into the enthusiasm you felt as a child.

And that is a gift of self-care, designed specifically for you.

Rubin G. The Happiness Project, Updated. New York: Harper; 2015.

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