What Our Hearts Tell Us

I’m learning more about mind body science of the heart.


Watson’s Caritas Coach Education Program integrates learnings from mind body heart interactions.

What science is telling us is that our hearts are so much more than a mechanic pump.


The heart communicates with the brain and body in four ways.

  1. It has a neurological system. The heart sends out more neurotransmitters to the brain than what it receives.
  2. The heart is part of our hormonal system.
  3. It pumps energy waves throughout our bodies (our pulse)
  4. The heart has an electromagnetic field (EMF) that is 40-60% stronger than our brains’ EMF that communicates to our cells and extends into the space 360 degrees surrounding our bodies, out to 3-4 feet.

Our hearts are not only communicating constantly with every cell of our bodies and our brains, it is interacting with others around us through our EMFs.                         HeartMath

Our hearts have neurological, biochemical, biophysical and physical (physics) properties.

Wow.  I have thought of it as a mechanical pump and a metaphorical entity.


Watson bases much of Caring Science on heart science. She incorporates several science and thought leaders’ views of the impact of the heart.

“…clinical observations, empirical science, personal stories, and case studies demonstrate that the heart stores energy and information that comprises the essence of who we are, suggesting an invisible heart code.”         Watson (2005) p 84

No doubt there is much to learn regarding the heart.

But the most fascinating aspect about the heart’s impact on the brain is ….

It is the heart that opens the brain to our higher perceptual centers so that we can achieve higher thinking capacity through cortical facilitation.

It is our emotions that trigger the EMF energy and heart chemicals that “open” or “close” our brain capacity.


When we feel calm, openness, compassion, appreciation, etc. — our brains open up.

When we feel anger, resentment, etc. — our brains shut down.

What our hearts tell us, makes this old saying truer than ever,

‘What changes in the heart, changes everything’.


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