What Happens When We Go Back to Work … After an Inspiring Conference?

What happens once we leave a conference … a great conference … an inspirational conference… like the recent International Caritas Consortium Conference in SF this month? 

What happens with those great thoughts of … I’m going to do X, Y or Z … when I get back to work! 

This is what several young and inspired nurse leaders asked among themselves when standing in the lunch line  

How are we going to hold on to these inspirations?  

This is the $64,000. question … 

This is the question for us all to contemplate. 

It’s one thing to hear the great ideas and “know” the wisdom deep inside…

And another thing to change course in how we work in our everyday work settings.  

Above is the poster I presented at the International Caritas Consortium Conference –  CARING ENGAGEMENT CONVERSATIONS – One Way to Lead Authentic Caring. 

It provides an approach that any of us can apply instantly …. the moment we return to work. 

It’s based on what we know about ourselves, as leaders, and what we know about our nurses and our work settings.

  • We know that we long to connect with nurses around purpose. 
  • We know that nurses cannot be expected to cultivate their caring consciousness alone without active, steady support from nurse leaders in everyday work settings.

This one step is a way to actualize cultivation of caring consciousness within ourselves and within the nurses around us …. everyday. 

…. this is a doable way to explore your inner work world and those of your nurses ….

This is a doable approach to give your nurses that support they need in everyday work settings. 

This is a way to hold on to your deep inspirations … everyday.

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