What Connects Us Are Our Values, Practice and … Social Media

Saving Nurses website went live just over two weeks ago.

And since then I’ve been studying social media to learn how to connect the Saving Nurses mission … on all levels.

Our current technologies have inspired me to create a large community of nurses who together can:

  • explore the forces that are driving nursing to be what it is today
  • learn how to best respond to these forces
  • and all the while… save your nurse souls

Thank you, internet and social media for providing the technologies that can attract and create such a community experience for nurses.

And at the same time, It’s pretty funny…

I’m enrolled in a Facebook training course. Yes, you can laugh … I’m still laughing as I get deeper into the ins and outs of FB. Who would have thought that there is a bit of science behind FB with algorithms and checklists?

What I am figuring out is how to attract large numbers of nurses to the Saving Nurses website to build a community.

So you will watch the Saving Nurses Website and FB page evolve as I master FB.   Stay tuned.

These social media learnings that I’m adapting to are a reflection of our changing times. I would never have guessed that such an opportunity would be possible when I graduated from school. And here I am.

Adaption is critical to being a nurse. While the soul of nursing is internal, the external environment is forcefully changing the what and how you practice nursing. Balancing the internal and the external takes time, thought and awareness that you can grow within the Saving Nurses community.

You will be part of a movement made possible through technology!

So enjoy the blog posts and FB, and don’t hesitate to click  -Like,  -Comment  and

-Share on FB.

And Thank you for sharing – SavingNurses.com – with all of your nurse friends.








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