What Caring Science Does For Us

What Caring Science Does for Us

Caring Science provides a positive hopeful path for nurses.

Its principles,  language and tools are available in our everyday caring. 

Their positivity and love help motivate us to access our within.


Successful integration of Caring Science into our hearts and into practice settings requires knowing the 3 influencers of change.  

The Rider —  The Elephant — The Path

Here’s how Caring Science provides these influencers in our lives:

The Rider –

Caring Science brings us knowledge about nursing’s caring that is more relevant now than ever.

The Elephant –

Caring Science inspires our hearts to care and love ourselves and others.

The Path –

Caring Science provides a heart centered way of being and a language to match that opens an authentic caring path for each of us in the healthcare landscape and in our lives …

if we each are open to it

The significance of this elephant is that it explains why we are all so exhausted in our growth processes.

It’s easy to get frustrated and disheartened when trying to change ourselves or our organizations.


Remember these points:

  1. When it comes to change,  we’re not weak or uncaring, we’re outnumbered. This is not a willpower problem, it’s a math problem. All 3  influencers must be aligned for change to happen- The rider, the elephant and the path.
  2. We’re not lazy, we’re exhausted.   We are the riders.  The elephant is our heart, our motivation.  If our elephants within our hearts are not engaged, the change is not going to happen. And we as nurses (the riders) too often expend all our energy tugging at the elephant when it is Not engaged.

Caring Science addresses our hearts as well as our minds, and it provides the path.

This model makes our transformation easier … now that we understand what influences us in our caring journey each day.

Be mindful of our Elephants within.

Love our Hearts and Guide them with Care. 


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