Transitions & the Beautiful Dying Expo .. this week .. Nov 13-15

Lots of Transitions in Play …   in all of our lives. 

As you know I have been immersed in the End of Life Coaching and Doula program through the Conscious Dying Institute (which is connected with Watson’s Caring Science Institute)

I’m almost done, certification happens in December.

The question for me has been,

  • How does EOL relate to my wellness coaching for nurses & others?
  • How does this relate to my passion for nurses & nursing leadership?
  • How does it relate to my book, Getting Real about Caring?

Here’s how I see it all connecting …

I have 3 passions: Nurses, Wellbeing,  EOL
       … and the thread that runs through them

My practice is
        Generating Conversations and Coaching

  • Giving voice to what nurses do & how they do it ………..Writing, Coaching, Speaking
  • Quality living & dying – Wellbeing …………A Vision Map Experience, Healing Circles
  • Restoring death & dying to its natural place in living ………EOL Coaching & Doula

As a part of my transitions:

Beautiful Dying Expo            This week … November 13-15

I’m offering A VISION MAP EXPERIENCE  in a virtual booth … You can find me there. 

Access to all the booths and their beautiful services are FREE
Easy to view & access by clicking the link above

This Vision Map Experience is customized for those who work in end of life – nurses, physicians, chaplains, social workers, doulas … for all.  

I’m wholehearted about this Vision Map Experience because it gives us an opportunity

  • to stop and think about our own lives, and
  • to identify how and where we can tap into a life made more full

I will be offering a similar Vision Map Experience customized for nurse leaders.  Coming Soon.

For this week, check out the Beautiful Dying Expo and my

A Vision Map:
Life Made Full
for End of Life Workers  

I wish you a rich & restful week and weekend 🙏

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