The Road We Are On


Here we are

You are nurses providing your best care

images-3Healthcare is a beast to work in
Patients are finding their voices
Society wants wellness

Medical science has dominated healthcare for a century


Nurses do important work

Nurses impact peoples’ lives

From birth to death

From crises to recovery

And human caring is at its core


Nurses have one of the most difficult jobs there is

In THE most complex industry there is, healthcare

Its high science

Its rapidly changing technologies

Its high risks

Its demands for high touch

In the midst of people’s life crisesIMG_9474 2

Challenge all nurses


Nurses are the designated point person for caring

Nurses provide the high touch that patients require and long for

To recover and heal


As the designated point person for caring in our healthcare system, it’s critical that

  • Nurses gain personal mastery of all levels of caring in their practice
  • Nurse leaders bring their personal mastery into organizational cultures

This is where we are going.

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