The Mystery of Self-Care and Self-Change

Given that Self-Awareness is a critical part of Self-Care.  (Self-care is limited without growing one’s self-awareness.)

And that …     All Change is Self-Change.

Therefore…    Self-Care always involves Self-Change.


 What motivates us to start the journey of the Self-Change part of Self-Care?

Obviously, self-care, self-awareness, self-growth, self-change all involve and require Voluntary participation.  

What sparks that desire for any of us to voluntarily pursue self- growth …. a crisis. unhappiness, frustration, self-doubt, a need for a change, a longing, etc.?

I am amazed that …. It’s our EMOTIONS that lead the Charge to Self-Change every time.

3 Things Have to Change to Have Change Happen.

  1. Path
  2. Mind
  3. Heart *                                                                                                     Health & Heath (2010)


If feelings and heart are not engaged, change is Not going to happen.

This lesson is true in all cases, personal, team or organizational.

We have to See (mind) the change, and FEEL (heart) the change, then the Path (environment & support).

Knowledge is rarely enough to spark change, people have to want the change.

That’s why emotions, not knowledge, is the catalyst for change.

Real change comes from real feelings,   

                       It takes emotion to bring knowledge to a boil.       (Heath)


The familiar change narrative arc –             See-Feel-Change.

This is where self-awareness comes in.

It’s important to know our hearts.  Know which feelings are dominating us – our thoughts, emotions, behaviors and actions.

 The path is to learn to know ourselves…. To grow our self.

This is one case for –>   Follow Your Heart.

Let Yourself Love this Process. Find things to learn about yourself that spark joy. Then learn and grow from there.

“Change-making happens when people fall in love with a different version of the future.”  Godin

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