The Metamorphosis of Saving Nurses

Welcome to Saving Nurses Metamorphosis!

I have a book coming out in March- Getting Real About Caring and Saving Nurses.  It is a memoir of my nurse leader career and my lessons learned in becoming a caring conscious leader in the midst of our harsh healthcare industry.    

I have read that if you want to know what you believe, write a memoir.  True!    

I have learned that Leading Conscious Caring Saves Us and Nurses

What I am especially thrilled about is that Jean Watson is endorsing my book. Wow, what an honor. 

This process has helped me narrow and clarify the scope of Saving Nurses, my role and next steps.

Here I am sharing this metamorphosis ….   From Saving Nurses’ updated About Page

I’m Pat McClendon — a Conscious Caring Nurse Leader, Certified Caritas Coach, Speaker, Writer.

My mission is to help nurse leaders lead conscious caring and save nurses.

As Nurse Leaders we have an obligation to support Nurses’ Most Valuable Action:   When nurses intrinsically respond to patients’ deep human needs in vulnerable moments, nurses in turn experience self renewal and recommitment to nursing. 

SAVING NURSES — an online grass roots nurse leader community where nurse leaders can learn how to lead conscious caring in real and doable ways  … all grounded in Caring Science

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Leading Conscious Caring – Why and How?

If we as nurse leaders want nurses to focus on their authentic caring, then we must exhibit our personal caring focus to nurses.   Any Nurse Leader who seeks to Cultivate their Personal Caring Consciousness 

  • will immediately start to become a Leader of Conscious Caring  
  • will meaningfully Impact Nurses around them 
  • will impact their organization – culture and outcomes 
  • will Save Nurses 

Today’s Challenge:                                                                   

Nurses leaders are distanced from their most valuable assets their personal caring consciousness and nurses. Nurses are starved for authenticity from their leaders.

Scripted formulaic caring now defines caring in the healthcare industry, which does not tap into nurses authenticity and purpose.

Nurse leaders feel ineffective within the healthcare industry too often.  Why? 

  • the healthcare industry does not recognize or support nursing’s essence and is not going to change soon
  • monetization of caring has escalated the pressures 
  • caring fatigue and attrition are rising among nurses

Why Now? 

We are in the midst of an authenticity revolution 

  • it is nurses to whom patients turn for authentic connection
  • society’s wellness consciousness is upon us­—part of nursing’s domain
  • nurses are already naturally motivated to authentically care for patients – in their yearning for purpose
  • real connections between nurses and patients are all about authenticity 

How Saving Nurses Can Help

Saving Nurses provides the basic steps, tools and support for you to start leading conscious caring today in your organization.  It Is Within You Now. 

The Basic Steps to Lead Conscious Caring:

  1. Embrace Lifelong Self-care to Expand Your Caring Consciousness
  2. Take Action Now. Start Talking With Nurses about your caring consciousness cultivation and theirs
  3. Tap Into Your Existing Caring Language, cultivate it and watch it become your signature caring intervention
  4. Welcome Your Existing Community of Likeminded Nurse Leaders and Nurses in your organization and here at Saving Nurses
  5. Join other nurse leaders in learning how to integrate further Caring Science into your leader self and practice — Visit

4 thoughts on “The Metamorphosis of Saving Nurses

  1. Jillian says:

    Thank you, once again your writing inspire me.

    1. pmcclendon says:

      Thank you. This is all so important to nursing and nurses. We will keep inspiring each other. pat

  2. Debbie says:

    Thankyou, encouragement always needed!

    1. pmcclendon says:

      You are Welcome! and Thank you …. encouragement and recognition is contagious!

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