The Intention To Be A Compassionate Nurse


“We all get stuck in place on occasion.

We all move backward sometimes.

Every day we must make the decision

to move in the direction of our intentions.

Forward is the direction of real life.”

            Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild


First, Decide What You Want.

images-1Are you doing what you want?

It starts with your intention – defining it,   following it,   living by it.

I assume, like most nurses, YOU came to nursing to help and care for others.

Now that you’re working in nursing,

Are you settling for less than what you intended?

Settling into being unfulfilled in your work?

Settling into being unhappy with your job?

Now what?

Know this:      Working in healthcare is overwhelming.

                        You are not alone.

What I have learned is that regardless of where you work as a clinician or leader,

No one can work in healthcare and feel good about their work and jobs, without:

            Building Personal Knowledgeimages-1 copy 3

  • Through building our self-knowledge, we gain self-insight, craft customized “tools” that help us “protect” ourselves from the demands and pressures from the work, and from the suffering of the patients and families
  • Yes, I said protect yourself!
  • Paradoxically, this “self-protection” allows us to open up and see more clearly, think more clearly and care more deeply/ compassionately / authentically
  • This is personal growth
  • This is self-care

This is surviving working in the healthcare system….images

This is feeling good about what you do and doing it better.

This is learning how to be a consistently compassionate nurse.


Strayed, C. Brave Enough. New York: Alfred A. Knopf; 2016.

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