The IAHC Conference and Regina Holliday. WHOA!

International Association of Human Caring

I attended and presented this past week at the International Association of Human Caring in Greenville, South Carolina (hosted and sponsored by Clemson University and Florida Atlantic University).  This organization is 40 years old and is the first caring science organization.

The 3 keynotes were Edward Salas, PhD (TeamSTEPPS), Anne Boykin, PhD (theorist and author of Nursing as Caring and former dean of Florida Atlantic University CON), and Regina Holliday (patient rights activist).

I learned a lot about caring advocacy and research that is happening in the US and abroad.  The IAHC  is a tight network and ‘soul-home’ for many caring science theorists, researchers, educators, clinical nurses and leaders – all strong advocates of caring science.

There is nothing like being filled up from networking with knowledgeable, dedicated and joyful nurses.

I got to see the broader context of where caring science has come from and their future vision.    Next year’s conference is in Norway!  WOW.

One Highlight that I strongly Recommend

Regina Holliday presented on Saturday. 

If you are looking for a presenter for a nursing conference or healthcare event … Check out Regina Holliday.    She is a patient rights activist extraordinaire.    Her story and presentation style is honest and gripping.    This Vimeo provides a window into her work, The Walking Gallery,  Vimeo –  The Walking Gallery of Healthcare 

I had heard of  the painted jackets with patients’ stories and The Walking Gallery at Palliative Care conferences and had heard Regina speak on NPR,  but her presentation stilled the room for two hours.  It was a meaningful experience for everyone.

Here are more links that describe Regina Holliday’s mission:

Newspaper article about Regina’s work

Regina Holliday Twitter page 


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