The Holidays Are For The Innocent

I Love Love Love this image. The pure innocence on this child’s face takes my breath away.  And the whole Santa Clause thing makes it even more sweet.

What is it about the Holidays and Innocence?

Children’s faces –

Is it the child’s innocence that captivates us when looking into their faces?


Look at these faces.  Pure innocence. 

Pure Contentment.


“Children intuit wisdom, they just can’t express it.” EB White

Imagine Others as They Were as Children

Growing up brings ego development and control … all the things that destroy innocence. As I get more contemplative, I am reconnecting to my inner child more.  I like feeling the innocence that comes with remembering my childhood.

Innocence is our original state of being. We all begin as an innocent.

I had not thought about the use of innocence as an adult until I heard this suggestion:

When in a conflict or situation where you are 

seeking to understand or relate better to another person, 

imagine them as they were when they were children.

That may help shift your perspective.

Innocence and Holidays

The holidays give us an opportunity to not only act like a child again, but to recall our innocence.

There is strength in knowing that we are loved and impervious to the issues of this world – even for a moment, or a day.

Allow yourself that feeling that nothing can interrupt your sense of peace.

May Your Holidays be Filled with Peace and Innocence

Santa and child image courtesy of mike arney
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