The Holidays Are For The Innocent

“Children intuit wisdom,  they just can’t express it.”

EB White

Do you believe this?   That children intuit wisdom?  


Innocence is our original state of being.

We all begin as an innocent.

Along with this innocence is the wisdom of trust and love and all things good.

We can hear that wisdom in baby’s cooing, in children’s  questions, in their empathy for others, and their deep contentment when loved.


How We Begin

I look at him & see
the forgotten parts of me –
the sea skin i was born in
rose petals in my feet
fire mind, burning curious
winged heart, wild

by Vicki Rivard,  Brave New Mama, 2017


Innocence and Holidays

The holidays give us an opportunity to not only act like a child again, but to recall our innocence.


There is strength in knowing that we are loved and impervious to the issues of this world – even for a moment, or a day.


Allow yourself that feeling that nothing can interrupt your sense of innocence.


Santa and child image courtesy of mike arney
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