The Caring Riddle

The problem with our perception of caring in busy work settings is,

Authentic Caring is not REALISTIC. Realistic Caring is not AUTHENTIC


I love hearing about organizations and nurses who are transforming their work environments to resolve this riddle.

All agree that this is no easy task. It’s complicated!

What is the missing link in this riddle of how to be authentic? And what is realistic?

My thinking is ….

The missing link is for nurses to develop their INTERNAL ENVIRONMENTS to the extent that it SHINES throughout our busy EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENTS.


I agree that our external environment is riddled with work issues— staffing, assignments, resources, etc.

But I also know that our battles about work demands and working conditions are partially fueled by our confusion about caring expectations and pressures.

The nature of nursing is unique, complex, complicated, etc.


And our mindsets around what we believe nursing to be and about our working environments lead us to differing thoughts. Try these questions …

Are compassion fatigue and burnout unavoidable working hazards in nursing?


Do nurses require self-awareness of their unique professional and personal inner     journey and require personal development skills to thrive in nursing?

I know that the answer to this is not an either / or, but degrees of both.

But these statements harbor different mindsets about nursing and our current work dilemmas.


And so the question is:

Is it nurses can’t help but be victims in our current high pressure work environments? Or

is nursing collectively and individually ill prepared to cope with the personal nature of our work?

It’s complicated.

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