The Caring Consciousness Conspiracy

This is Where and How I spent Thursday and Friday last week!  …

Connecting With Caring Leaders From Around the World

Growing Caring Consciousness

It’s a Conspiracy of sorts, to take over healthcare! 

Jean Watson opened the event as always with grace and love.  

This was the annual ICC conference where caring science research and projects are presented by healthcare organizations, institutes, nursing schools and independent clinicians.  Clinical nurses and leaders from WCSI* affiliate organizations, caritas coaches, faculty members and trail blazers all became one in the caring science mission.   

Stanford Hospital sponsored this year’s event.  These conferences are always transformative, full of hope, wisdom and high vibrations.  Breathe. 

One fun moment for me was when chatting with two nurses, Stephanie Berch and Jessica Richardson from Memorial Hospital-Beacon Health System in South Bend, Indiana, they made the connection between me and an email from their CNO who had just forwarded my Authentic Caring article to them.  “Wait a minute, could yours be the same article?”, they said.  And it was.  What a delight. It’s heartwarming to hear that your work is resonating with others!

James R. Doty, MD  gave the Keynote Presentation.   He has a beautiful story of childhood hardship made easier by a stranger who listened and changed his life at the age of 12.   He is author of a best selling book, Into The Magic Shop.   He is Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery and Director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, Stanford University School of Medicine, in addition to many philanthropic endeavors associated with the Dali Lama, Desmond Tutu and Amma.

What we learned from the WCSI  is that there’s more coming…   more caring science research, more countries engaged in implementing caring science, more hospitals signing up to be WCSI affiliates, higher attendance at these ICC conferences, more offerings through a WCSI membership, a caritas certification program, another book by Jean in 2018, and more.

To learn more, don’t hesitate to open WSCI – Watson’s Caring Science Institute –   Link:

But for now, this list gives you a sense of the depth and breadth of where caring science is happening and by whom.  Here are the ICC presenter names and their places of caring science work (in order of presentations):   [Note- this is by no means an all inclusive list of the caring science work happening worldwide].

Here, We Are One Voice…. 

  • Jean Watson – WCSI
  • Dale Beatty – Stanford HC
  • Sara Horton-Deutsch – WCSI and University of Colorado College of Nursing AMC
  • Lynne Wagner – WCSI
  • Jim D’Alfonso – Kaiser Permanente Northern CA
  • Grissel Hernandez  – Stanford HC
  • Anita Girard – Stanford HC
  • Helen Benedetti – Stanford HC
  • Janette Moreno – Stanford HC
  • Judith Berry-Price – Stanford HC
  • Sharon Hampton – Stanford HC
  • Marlienne Goldin – Cone Health, Greensboro, NC
  • Sylvain Brouseau –  Universite du Quebec en Outaouais Saint-Jerome Canada
  • Christy Dempsey – Press Ganey
  • Jamie Bethune – Children’s Hospital Colorado, Aurora, CO
  • Leslie Rowan – Washington DC VA
  • Katurah S Barr – Atlanta VA Medical Center
  • Joseph Giovannoni – Forensic nursing and WCSI
  • Gisso Oreo – Stanford HC
  • Elizabeth Dienner  – Kramer School of Nursing Oklahoma City University
  • Kurt David –  Stanford HC
  • Karen McIntyre – Stanford HC
  • Sarah Foad – Stanford HC
  • Gretchen Summer-Gafford – Kaiser Permanente,  The Permanente Journal
  • Michelle Camicia –  Kaiser Permanente Rehabilitation Foundation, Northern CA
  • John W Nelson – Healthcare Environment, St Paul, MN
  • Amanda Conley – Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia
  • Maryann Malloy – Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia
  • Sharon Sauer – Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia
  • Susan Crowe – Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford
  • Bethan Faulkner –  Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford
  • Lourdes Filoteo –  Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford
  • Chris Griffin – Children’s Hospital Colorado, Aurora, CO
  • Chrisann Karr – Children’s Hospital Colorado, Aurora, CO
  • Kathy Oman – Children’s Hospital Colorado, Aurora, CO
  • Chanda Davis Harrison – Atlanta VA Medical Center
  • Vivian Norman – St Joseph’s Hospital / Vanguard University, Orange, CA
  • Kim Rossillo – St Joseph’s Hospital / Vanguard University, Orange, CA
  • Lacey Lefere – St John’s Hospital and Medical Center, Detroit, MI
  • Mary Natschke – St John’s Hospital and Medical Center, Detroit, MI
  • Vicki Boyce –  St John’s Hospital and Medical Center, Detroit, MI
  • Ryan Fuller – Kaiser Permanente Northern CA
  • Kelly Morrow – University of Colorado, College of Nursing, Denver/AMC
  • Charlene Niemi – California State University Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA
  • Katherine Ricossa – Kaiser Foundation Hospital, Santa Clara, CA
  • Lauren Khalifeh – St Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Paterson, NJ
  • LaTricia Perry – Nevada State College, Las Vegas
  • Kino Anuddin –  St John’s Hospital and Medical Center, Detroit, MI
  • Heidi Hagle – St John’s Hospital and Medical Center, Detroit, MI
  • Justin Carpenter – St John’s Hospital and Medical Center, Detroit, MI
  • Laura Dinkins – Wake Forest Baptist Health
  • Ashley McDonald – Kaiser Foundation Hospital South San Francisco
  • Suda Rongmuang – Mahidol University, Thailand
  • Kim Stiles – Ohlone College, Newark, CA
  • Deborah Rushing – Troy University School of Nursing, Montgomery, AL
  • Judy Bazzell – Troy University School of Nursing, Montgomery, AL
  • Holli Carter –  Troy University School of Nursing, Montgomery, AL
  • Sarah Hirx –  Stanford HC
  • Carol Wilson – James A Haley VA Hospital, Tampa, FL
  • Kelley Wood –  James A Haley VA Hospital, Tampa, FL
  • Marie Clayton – Weber State University, Ogden, Utah
  • Kathleen Sitzman – East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
  • Annelise Norlyk –  Aarhus University/VIA University College, Denmark
  • Bente Martinsen –  Aarhus University/VIA University College, Denmark
  • Carol Kish – Alvernia University, Reading, PA
  • Priscilla Javed – Kaiser Permanente Northern CA
  • Karen Sousa – University of Colorado College of Nursing, Denver/AMC
  • Casey Miller – Stanford HC
  • Heather Shaw – Stanford HC
  • Marcy Newman – Fresno VA California Health Care System
  • Melinda Wilding – University of Colorado, Denver
  • Lorraine M Gdanetz – Gannon University, Villa Maria School of Nursing, Erie, Penn
  • Diann Cooper – Gannon University, Villa Maria School of Nursing, Erie, Penn
  • Debra Morton – Kaiser Permanente Vallejo Medical Center
  • Elizabeth Bigby – Kaiser Permanente Vacaville, CA
  • Richard Turner –  Kaiser Permanente Vacaville, CA
  • Michelle Bushong –  Kaiser Permanente Vacaville, CA
  • Lyn Brown – Atlanta VA Health Care System
  • Linda Ackerman –  Kaiser Permanente Northern CA, Oakland, CA
  • Cecilia Stuckenschneider – Children’s Hospital Colorado, Aurora, CO
  • Michael Cobbina – Kaiser Permanente Northern CA
  • Donna Lamke – Kaiser Permanente Northern CA
  • Jane Kass-Wolff – University of Colorado, College of Nursing/AMC
  • Dawn Koonkongsatian –  University of Colorado, College of Nursing/AMC
  • Emily Morrison – Kaiser Permanente San Rafael, CA
  • Patricia Racine – Stanford HC
  • Rebecca Thompson – Craig Hospital, Denver
  • Carolyn Bogard – Stanford HC
  • Kiera Quinlan – Stanford HC
  • Tavonia Ekwegh – Martin Luther King Jr Community Hospital, Los Angeles
  • Miyuki Nakayama – Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
  • Ruth Roberts Smith – Kaiser Permanente San Francisco
  • Matthew Elliott – Kaiser Permanente
  • Jan Marie Anderson – WCSI
  • Awake Okada – College of Nursing Art and Science, University of Hyogo, Japan
  • Melinda Cuthbert –  University of California San Francisco, School of Nursing, SF
  • Kathryn Newcomb-DeSanto – University of Pennsylvania Health System, Philadelphia
  • Lauren Valentino –  University of Pennsylvania Health System, Philadelphia
  • Masami Kutsumi – College of Nursing Art and Science, University of Hyogo, Japan

Thank you to all the presenters.  Until next year…. 

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