Shouldn’t We In Our HC Organizations Be Talking About This?

The message that I’m putting out to the world through Saving Nurses is …

Nurses need to cultivate their inner self 

by activating their own life long self-development plan.

 This is your best bet to surviving in the healthcare system,

and is absolutely required to thrive in nursing and the healthcare system.


I am attending the CHAPCA, California Hospice and Palliative Care Association annual conference. The keynote speaker was Daniel Friedland MD. He spoke on A Neuroscience and Mindfulness-Based Approach to Conscious Leadership. Recent book, Leading Well From Within, available on Amazon.


Once again, we are reminded that self-awareness is the beginning and the foundation to finding ourselves and learning about ourselves.

Friedland pulls apart the brain to illustrate how it works in daily life and what drives our thoughts decisions, impulses, etc., all based on the evidence generated by the neurosciences.

He explains that the brain processes are predominantly Reactive or Creative.

Stress or the threat of stress triggers reactivity. Stress is heavily wrapped up with self-doubt. And the way out of it is tapping into what inspires us and gives meaning to our lives.


Friedland’s definitions:

  • Stress happens when what we care about is at stake
  • Mindfulness is capacity to notice and choose

Everyone of us came out of Friedland’s presentation with more tools for self-fulfillment, self-wellness and hope.

Being around and talking with nurses is always invigorating. I love nurses.

It’s interesting learning about other people and organizations who have the same passion and mission. Here are two….

Online programs to provide tools to overcome compassion fatigue while building emotional health.

  • Poster: Michelle Goldbach, RN, DNPc – Interdisciplinary Mentorship Program

Program that provides a network based on positive psychology and appreciative inquiry for lateral mentoring across all professions.

  • Presenters: Roy Remer & Ladybird Rolling Walker Morgan – Cultivating Mindfulness in everyday moments of caring


The mission and the message is …

  • Here we are in healthcare
  • The work is stressful
  • The work and the work environment trigger all kinds of reactivity in each of us
  • It requires self-development and self-insight to neutralize or “positive-ize” (my word) the reactivity to survive and thrive
  • Mind body science everywhere is showing us this
  • The solutions to get out of the stress and reactivity can’t really come from organizations… because it’s too personal
  • Conscious Leadership can create the environment that invites us to grow
  • But personal growth requires motivation from each individual nurse to propel their self-development
  • So from the beginning to the end, Yes, it’s beneficial to work in a supportive culture

            … and the rest is Personal

Shouldn’t we as leaders in organizations and nursing be talking about this …images-4

  •             Among all nurses?
  •             Between nurses?
  •             Among staff workers and leaders?
  •             At work?
  •             In all clinical settings?
  •             In the literature? In every professional journal?
  •             Everyday?
  •             Everywhere?

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