Self-Renewal – the Antidote for Chronic Stress

Nurses work in the middle of other peoples’ stress,

and then there’s our own stress….

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There is much information and discussion available about stress prevention.

Of course, stress prevention is always the highest goal, but ….

Let’s accept that stress is part of our lives.

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We know that chronic stress, characterized by an accumulation of adrenalin and cortisol, has negative physiological effects.

So how do we counteract chronic stress?

What do we do once we realize that “Yes”,I’m stressed and my body is likely experiencing the ravages of chronic stress?”

The answer is Positive Renewal Processes.

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Positive renewal processes are the only non-pharmaceutical antidote to chronic stress.

These processes create positive emotional attractors that have been proven to invoke the neurological networks and endocrine systems that enable our body and mind to start healing itself   to renew itself.

What are they?

These renewal processes are intentional, individualized activities that create within us any of these responses: 

  • a sense of peace and calm
  • a feeling of excitement and anticipation
  • a sense of being in the present moment
  • a pause or time out from work or stress

Activities that may generate that sense of renewal for you:

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  • meditation or prayer
  • a loving moment with someone dear to you
  • playing with others who are important to you
  • doing something for another
  • coaching or mentoring someone who is engaged and appreciative
  • helping a friend with compassion
  • moderate exercising – yoga, walking, etc
  • thinking about values or purpose
  • talking with others about your values and purpose
  • or other …

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These experiences give you an opportunity to …

think about yourself, honor yourself, renew yourself.

Boyatzis RE, Smith M. Positive Renewal., March 2012. Accessed 2/2016.


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