Self-Care Made Simple


Self-Care made simple

Dang, this image from @AnxietyHealer says it all.  Thank you!

This image keeps things simple.

My re-entry after big family events

I’ve just returned from a family reunion with my extended family, and then a family weekend with my “nuclear” family – our girls are grown and starting their own nuclear families.

As joyous as these events are, it always requires a series of self-care activities to help me reset.

Unpacking first, and then a bit of reorganizing, a bit of journaling, and checking off the urgent ‘to-do’s’ for work and life.  I try to get a long walk/hike in with nature as soon as possible.   … Then I can re-engage with Me, my inner self again.

Individualized, personal self-care is a lifesaver for life balance and equanimity.

What self-care does for us

  • Self-care for prevention: The intention of all self-care practices is to prevent and reduce the accumulation of stress hormones in our bodies related to threat (vulnerability) and stress.
  • Therapeutic self-care for life struggles: The goal of these self-care practices is to address barriers, vulnerabilities, conflicts, disruptions in daily life around relationships, changes or decisions that may require therapy, counseling, or programs for behavior change.
  • Developmental self-care to advance life skills: These are practices designed to enhance balance and satisfaction in our lives and in our work through self-development and growth.
  • Transformative self-care toward wholeness: This path of lifelong learning is one of transcendent growth toward achievement of our fullest potential of positive emotions, fulfillment, meaning, love of humanity, relationships, and spirituality.

from Getting Real About Caring 

How we live and work, what we focus on, and what we talk about impact us and those around us.

Self-care is how we learn how to live, how to work and how to be.

May your summer be blessed with lots of Self-Care.  


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