“Saving Nurses” Is Now “Making Caring Real”

Website Name Change Alert 

That Was Fast!      The Saving Nurses name switch happened yesterday. 

You may have picked up along the way, that a website name change has been brewing.

Here’s Why “Making Caring Real”:

  • It’s a narrower focus than the broad platform of “Saving Nurses”
  • It provides a path to make the process of caring more practical, tangible, concrete …and real
  • Caring is on a continuum, Authentic caring is where nurses find meaning
  • Meaning, purpose, fulfillment keep nurses in nursing

So what was at the heart of the Saving Nurses name in the first place?  It explored:

  • Ways to keep nurses in nursing, thus “saving nurses”
  • Ways to build nurses’ inner resources so they could keep caring
  • What is meaningful and fulfilling about nursing

Nurse attrition is multifaceted, and nurse retention is a big topic.  “Making Caring Real” focuses on one critical aspect of retention in nursing.

Caring is on a continuum, Authentic Caring is where nurses find meaning and patient experiences are enriched

Caring science and theory are difficult to see as realistic in our current clinical practice environments.

Ironically in this day of consumerism in healthcare and monetization of care, authentic caring is the significant exchange that brings meaning to both nurses and patients.

Understanding the process of caring and how to reach the higher levels of caring make the nursing job easier. That’s my focus.

Making Caring Real will focus on the basics of caring:

  • Process of caring – make it practical, tangible, concrete … real
  • Caring literacy – caring literate words and concepts expand our thoughts and show us the paths to the higher levels of caring
  • Self-care – what self-care processes feed caring
  • Relationships – how to learn through authentic relationships with like-minded nurses

Welcome to Making Caring Real – Where Nurses Find Meaning

2 thoughts on ““Saving Nurses” Is Now “Making Caring Real”

  1. Pat Crowe says:

    I like the name change and narrower focus and appreciate your insight as always.

    1. pmcclendon says:

      Yea !!! Thank you. Validation is always good for the soul. It keeps me going!

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