Check Out the Great Speakers … for your next conference?

I just attended the ACNL Annual Conference (Association of California Nurse Leaders) in Rancho Mirage (Palm Springs)
It was worth every penny. 

Here is a list of speakers that I strongly recommend, should you be searching for good presenters.


For a Big dose of Positivity Science / Resiliency,     Buck Davis is the one you want!

Fun fact:  Buck started out by pitching products on QVC!  Now his focus is Inclusivity and Positive Leadership

Buck Davis


For Leadership Mentoring Nuts and Bolts and Succession Planning,   Ann Tardy is the presenter you want. 

Ann Tardy

Here are a few of her messages:

  • Forget satisfaction ratings, just look at how engaged your staff is …   
  •  “When people say they didn’t have time,  that’s code for ‘I didn’t know the how or why.'”
  • Impact of program training in general averages out to be 24% ; if you add a mentoring program to the training, the impact rises to 88%

Ann has worked with California ACNL  leadership team on their Nurse Leader Mentoring Program for nearly 10 years with great success.



For an expert in Wellness and EBP,  Bernadette Melnyk PhD RN, …   is phenomenal !

Bern (what she calls herself) is the Chief Wellness Officer and the nurse science guru in EBP.  Now at Ohio State.

Here are Bern’s contributions to wellness science and EBP science:

She developed  COPE Program – Creating Opportunities for Personal Empowerment.

COPE has had a sweeping impact on teen and adult mental health for years.  COPE is an innovative solution to address the high prevalence of child and adolescent anxiety and depression. It is the first known manualized intervention program that incorporates the key concepts from cognitive-based therapy (CBT) into a 7-session skills building program that can be delivered in brief 25 to 30 minute sessions at $750./ person.

Recent research on MINDBODYSTRONG

A program that has demonstrated positive effects –  MINDBODYSTRONG for Healthcare Professionals Program on stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms, healthy lifestyle behaviors, and job satisfaction on newly licensed RNs (NLRNs) participating in a nurse residency program.

Fuld Institute for EBP

Did you know that there is an EBP Certification that involves a set of EBP Competencies?  So much to know… and this is at the heart of it.


For Holistic Health, Global Nursing and Nightingale history, Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN … is the one! 

Link to    Its chief mandate is to mobilize public opinion to reach all  17 UN Goals

Nightingale Initiative for Global Health 


Thank you, ACNL for delivering a memorable leadership conference.

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