Our Clinical vs. Caring Consciousness Skills Crossroad Warrants An Expedition

We are at a crossroads for nursing and nurses.

It’s no longer about clinical skills OR caring consciousness skills. It’s BOTH.

Patients want authentic nursing care; they want a real connection with their nurses.

Nurses want to be able to express their caring consciousness more often. You want meaning in your work.

Yet your hectic work environments make this difficult to achieve.

Nurse wellbeing helps the nurse and the patient.

Nurse wellbeing helps us navigate through these healthcare storms.

Much of nurse wellbeing is inward. This is where caring consciousness lives.

Our nursing thought leaders have known this and have paved the way to nurse wellbeing.

What we have not taken on is learning how to grow these inward skills on a grand scale.

Caring Consciousness Skills are as Critical as Clinical Skills.

This warrants a grand scale expedition.

Our call to action for all of us as nurses, nurse leaders and our profession at large, is to learn how to cultivate nurses’ wellbeing on a grand scale.

These skills will result in more nurse career sustaining events. 

We will all benefit, nurses, patients and healthcare.

The way is a grand scale inward learning journey to wellbeing.

We’ll start with a Nurse Wellbeing Bundle for skill building.

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