Nursing 2

Ok, we all accept that nursing practice is challenging.

  • There’s the outcome science to keep up with
  • There are the technical advances to keep up with
  • There’s the human suffering ….
  • There are the ethical issues, the knowledge deficits
  • There’s the pace
  • There’s the physical wear and tear
  • There’s the saving lives…

Yet what brought you here, into nursing, are the moments, the caring moments, when you touch someone’s heart, their mind/body/spirit, and they touch yours.

This is what brings meaning into what you do.

Being present is required for these caring moments to occur.

Being present requires awareness, engagement, openness to the possibility of a caring moment in every interaction with a patient.

How realistic is the expectation of being present in all those moments of possibility?

And what does it take?

I call this expectation, Nursing 2


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2 thoughts on “Nursing 2

  1. David Hay says:

    Cool, Pat. I like the fact that some of this applies only to nursing, but some of it also applies to anyone doing anything. Thanks for including me in your posts.

    1. pmcclendon says:

      It’s true!
      And thank you for following.

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