Nursing is a Remarkable Profession and It Starts with You


Nursing is a remarkable profession.

“… Nursing as a profession daily confronts special circumstances and people’s struggles with their own Being and the meaning of the human predicaments of life and death, the challenges and realities of life-death crisis of existence in between ordinary life passages.

Everyone has a personal story about his or her experiences and predicament. Each person seeks his or her own meanings to find inner peace and right-relation in the midst of fear, hatred, threats, doubts, despair, and unknowns.

These situations and experiences that face the nurse invite the nurse-self to confront her or his own state of meaning, of Being and non-Being.

When a person is able to explore her or his own existence and evolving consciousness for maturity in engaging in the vicissitudes of life and death,

the individual’s heart is opened to more compassion,

awe, dignity, and respect for unknowns;

we become more mature, more real, and more authentic

to self and others

in our personal and professional life.”    

(Watson, p 195)

If you were to write an autobiographical story about yourself, 

What would it be?

What are your first thoughts?

What would you want to put into your story?

How you got where you are?

Where you started?

Who you are?

How you feel?

What are your strengths?

Your battles?

Describe you….  What is your story? 

Watson J. Nursing – The Philosophy and Science of Caring, Revised Ed. Boulder: University Press of Colorado; 2008.

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