Journaling Has Saved My Life, My Self

 Journaling has been my best friend.

Journaling has been my mirror and my mentor.

It’s been my muse, my vehicle for my inner journey.

In essence, it’s been a critical partner in my growth and sanity.

Here’s how it works for me,

  • The Puzzle – When I’m confused and am not sure of what I’m thinking or feeling, it’s a safe place for me to mind map, yes, map my mind. I love the creative nature of this!
  • Safe Haven When I’m embarrassed or ashamed of my thoughts, feelings or failures, I write them down and non-judgmentally look at them. It took years to get to the non-judgmental part and now journaling is my safe haven.
  • Exploration – I explore my thoughts and feelings. ‘Where did that come from?’ is one of my common responses while journaling.
  • Emotions – I’ve learned how vulnerable I am, how fearful I am, and how to laugh at myself. Journaling also helps me cry.
  • Strength – And I’ve learned how to be stronger, and most of all, clearer.

This is where I have seen ‘Courage requires Clarity ‘ in action, over and over again.






Journaling has helped me self-change.

I’m learning that all change is self-change.

And there is joy in that journey.

Imagine Your Journaling Journey …

  • that leads you into self awareness, self acceptance and self enjoyment
  • where you are the main character, the ONE place where it can be all about you
  • where it’s safe and supportive around your thoughts, feelings, needs
  • where you can look at things with calm and confidence
  • where you can look at things differently, blow it up and imagine
  • that can bring about changes in your work life that really matter
  • that impact how you experience work, life, everything…

Do you journal now?

Isn’t it a life saver? 

2 thoughts on “Journaling Has Saved My Life, My Self

  1. Jae Sanders says:

    Journaling has been the best self reflection tool that I have used and valuable to look back on prior wins and opportunities for change. Im excited to announce that coming SOON…a book for nurses about gratitude along with prompts to encourage what you can journal about and reminders that gratitude is everywhere. Please follow my co-author at to sign up for the e-newsletter and get the announcement. Our goal is to have it available for Nurse Week!

    1. pmcclendon says:

      This is terrific! What a great idea for Nurses week!
      More later when it’s available?
      Thanks, pat

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