Join My Webinar This Week. It will Bring Meaning & Hope into Your Nursing

Saving Nurses is moving to the next step of inspiring nurses to:

  • Expand awareness of your work environment
  • Expand awareness of your internal environment, ie your inner self

You hold the keys to our society’s health and wellbeing, 

and the keys to Your wholeness, as a nurse, reside in you.

Nurse Caring is Always Personal and you hold the keys


I am teaching 3 simple, but hard personal skills

 in a free Live Webinar this Wednesday and Thursday

Take Back Your Caring  with these 3 Practical Personal Skills

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3 things you will get out of this course:

  1. View of the Brave New World of Nursing
  2. 3 Practical Personal Skills that Can Save Your Nurse Soul
  3. How to Bring Joy into Your Daily Practice


I’ve been on this mission always from Oklahoma to Ohio to California to Colorado & back to California.

All along I have felt that Nursing has failed Nurses….

Because we don’t talk about the

IMPORTANCE of and the HOW – TO

for self-growth, self-develop, self-knowing

…. to survive and thrive in Nursing

Nursing is inherently involved in unique levels of risks and suffering, that to balance, requires inner awareness, compassion and intellectual capacity.


Why Now?

  1. I’m ready and I see an opening to access nurses in a way that cannot be achieved in schools or in our work settings — online
  2. There’s an urgency … an undercurrent of despair that is deepening. Nurses need for self-growth and self-healing is reverberating
  3. The Mind Body research and wellness practices that are available can Save Nurses, Save your careers …         Save your nurse souls ….
  4. The Wellness Culture is entering healthcare, …. and nurses and nursing leaders need to take Caring and healing relationships to higher levels throughout the healthcare system

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 See you there!

With Deep Appreciation and Anticipation,


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