It’s the Caring, Stupid

I had to say it.

In keeping with the political season, this is a takeoff from Bill Clinton’s former campaign slogan,

“It’s the Economy, Stupid.”


Back to nursing,

 It’s All About Caringimages-2

The more I read and listen, the more I feel and see the divide between the need among leaders to want to “make nurses care more, make nurses provide better care”


Nurses wanting to be a part of a caring organization where authentic caring is recognized and honored.

Authentic caring, not scripted, formulaic caring

It’s hard being a nurse leader and being caught in this growing divide.

The drive for higher patient satisfaction scores has given rise to non-healthcare caring formulas defining what caring should be in healthcare.

And nurse leaders have to find their way through these weeds.

Dear Nurses and Nurse Leaders,images-4 copy 4

Be kind to yourselves.

You can’t be expected to change your practice world today, or the organization you work in today.

Start here,

Acknowledge all signs of authentic caring in real time, when you see it.     Be you….

Reflect your caring ‘being’ in your doing…. in your language.


  • This is the stuff that called us to nursingimages-5
  • This is the stuff that brings meaning to nurses’ practice
  • This is the stuff that sustains careers in nursing
  • This is the stuff that prevents compassion fatigue and burnout
  • This is the stuff that grows self-awareness and stronger relationships
  • This is the stuff that grows more authentic caring at the bedside

This will put you in sync with …

What Nurses want and need,

What Society is asking of healthcare,

… And What You Need

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