It’s Hard To See The Connections & Mechanics That Can Save Us

The lives of nurses and leaders are busy. It’s hard to see the mechanics and connections around us.

The Cogwheel propels on its own when authentic caring happens.  But when Caring Language is part of the environment, nurses and nurse leaders propel the Cogwheel mechanism even more … generating more authenticity, connection, meaning, purpose … All the things that comfort and heal patients and save nurses and nurse leaders.  

This one page document is Authentic Caring in action and illustrates its mechanics and connections.


These Authentic Caring connections and mechanisms answer the following questions about Authentic Caring: 

  • Where does it start?
  • Who needs it?
  • Why don’t we have more of it?
  • What are the roadblocks?
  • How does the lack of it make us tired?
  • How does not having it create a vacuum & make us feel alone?
  • How to we get more of it?
  • How do we start talking about it?
  • What does that talk do for us?
  • How does just talking about it, create more of it?
  • How does it saves us?
  • What can nurse leaders do to fill the vacuum and help nurses not feel alone?
  • How can nurse leaders help nurses tap into their authentic caring?

Our work world is like a puzzle.  These answers help. 

You can move the jpeg onto your desktop for your own use and sharing.

Ahhhh  🙏


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