It’s Coming …. Available in coming weeks

To My Fellow Nurse Leaders,

What a journey … My book is moving closer to publication.

I will have more details in the official Launch. 

For now … this is what the book cover will say:

This book is about my life and career as a wife, mother and nurse leader in health care.  For years I failed to lead caring. I knew I had sold my soul to the health care industry.   As a student of caring science, I learned that who we are is how we lead. This connected me to my purpose and renewed my caring consciousness as a leader.

• Patients are no longer seeking all things medical in their health care encounters. Patients are seeking authentic connections in their vulnerability and are turning to nurses.

• Nurses’ authentic caring capacity is waning. Health care is a beast to work in and drives nurses out of nursing. Nurses often feel alone and without purpose.

• My purpose:

  • to highlight the contextual forces impacting all nurses,
  • to highlight how caring consciousness cultivation keeps nurses in nursing,
  • a call to action for leaders to give voice to authentic caring and help nurses thrive in nursing.

• Reversing attrition is our 21st-century challenge. Health care will not change soon. Help is needed now.

• We can no longer expect nurses to juggle clinical demands and authentic caring without support. Caring engagement conversations is one step forward.

• Nurses thriving is our 21st-century legacy. Nurse leaders can save nurses from leaving nursing.

 If this topic resonates with you, You Are In the Right Place

More later, much more …..

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