It’s A Tug at My Core

This Love stuff may be obvious to you, but it has not been to me…

So I feel this ‘fire in my belly’ about it now, 

and it shows up like a Tug at My Core

Love at My Core:

Step 1 –

When I’m still or interacting in any moment … with a CEO, physician, patient, nurse, a family, or my own family….

                        More and more often the question rises in my mind,

Are you feeling Love or Fear?

And when I can find Love in the Moment,

I feel a Tug at My Core,

and endorphins flow and I feel a relaxation,

And I Am Present


When I don’t feel Love,

there’s no Tug,

and there’s no endorphin flow, no relaxation.

And I know there is fear somewhere in my thought process.

This is what is unique about using LOVE  as a guide, it guides me not only with my family, but now in my work and in all interactions, in every moment of the day….

Step 2 –

Begin to express these thoughts and feelings of love in the moment to show who and how I experience the moment, issue, problem, solution, etc

One of my best nurse leader buddies told me recently,


I wish I had embraced it earlier in my career.  I know I talked about it at lunch…but the corporate feel has been to lead with fear.  “I’m the boss and I said so”.  And I had fear of letting “the staff” into my personal life.

I learned that I don’t have to share anything about me to lead with love….I have to care about the employee.  Love them, Love their story, Love their WHY.  I could do that and still not get too personal, not attend a baby shower, not have to buy into the manipulation about some of those things that make up a person (and cause bad behavior).

This is a step by step process that involves your heart, mind, spirit and body.

 Ahhhh, I feel the Tug

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