Is This You?

I have had this Healthy Qualities infographic image on my desktop for sometime…. wondering if this is me.     

Thank you Deepak Chopra for identifying the qualities that define healthy….. I still have a way to go …

The Bigger Question is,  If  “Who We Are Is How We Lead” ….

Then what are the direct overlaps between nurse leadership and these healthy qualities?

Nursing Leadership –   Porter-O’Grady and Malloch

Porter-O’Grady and Malloch are 2  iconic thought leaders/writers on nursing leadership and quantum leadership.

In one of their recent books, Leadership in Nursing Practice, they say leaders mainly create the context for work that align the workers and work activities with the mission and vision of the organization. (This simplifies the description.)   Leaders’ success is rooted in their meaningful and sustainable relationships. Leader characteristics:

  • value  collective wisdom
  • recognize that the world is dynamic and continuously in motion
  • remain servant to system and its people
  • seek to reflect their purpose in the quality of their work
  • understand the constancy of change
  • make time for reflection
  • are transparent and represent what is valuable and right                               91-93

Can you see the parallels with the Healthy Quality infographic image above?

Passion, Intentions, Integrity, Creativity, Managing Stress, Connected to Self, Health & Wellbeing 

Leadership – Kouzes and Posner 

Kouzes and Posner published their 6th edition in 2017 of their ongoing leadership research, The Leadership Challenge.

Some statements that simplify leadership to ponder:

  • “The first place to look for leadership is within yourself.” xiv
  • “The domain of leaders is the future.” xiv
  • “The work of leaders is change.”  xiv
  • “The most significant contribution leaders make is not to the bottom line, it is to the long-term development of people and institutions so they can … grow.” xiv
  • “The instrument of leadership is the self, the mastery of the art of leadership comes from mastery of self.” 308

There’s no escaping,  who we are is how we lead.

It’s worth pondering if this image is you.

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