Why Is Surrender Important?

Why Is Surrender Important?

Because if we wait until Our Business Leader Self  says: 

  • Go For It, You are now ready to Lead Caring in Your Organization
  • You Know What You Are Doing
  • You Have Everything in Place to Lead Caring
  • You Have the right Team
  • You Are Fluent in Caring Language
  • You Have a Plan in Place

… We will stay stuck in the Business of Caring for too long. 

There are plenty of good reasons nurse leaders don’t engage directly with leading caring …

Medicine is in the business of saving lives.  Healthcare is in the business of organizational caring.

And nursing’s role is to juggle both—saving lives and caring.

But nurses’ inherent real caring is authentic caring.

And that’s not what the healthcare system supports,

and that’s not how most nurse leaders lead.

This is what I’m learning, hearing and feeling from leaders of caring ….

This is how Nurse Leaders rise up against resistance:

  1. They surrender to the fact that they must lead, regardless of difficulty
  2. They surrender to knowing that their intuition will lead them
  3. They surrender to their trust in other leaders
  4. They surrender to their trust that nurses will follow
  5. They surrender to knowing that they and others will fail and learn
  6. They surrender to knowing that patients will be authentically cared for

You’ve heard me say before that I failed caring as a nurse leader in healthcare.

And now, I’m figuring out where I went wrong.  There wasn’t one big mistake. But there was one main thing: I was not honest with myself about what was required of me to lead caring.

I remained stuck and distracted by the healthcare system itself, the medicalization of care, the immediacy of business demands and  job survival.

Here’s what gets nurse leaders started:

  1. Having a sense of wholeness within ourselves that breeds Trust
  2. Searching for a tribe of likeminded nurse leaders
  3. Using Caring Language as an intervention 24×7 from our own experiences

 Surrender Is Required to Lead Caring.


One thought on “Why Is Surrender Important?

  1. Jillian says:

    We need more nurse leaders willing to keep caring for the patient first, and caring for each other as nurses. To lead strong.

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