I Believe in Journaling

JOURNALING – Best Self-Help practice ever ..

It costs nothing. It can be done independently. It’s time flexible. It’s portable.

It can be done:

  • in between meetings, in the parking lot while picking up the kids, in bed before you go to sleep, …

Journaling enhances for your health

Imagine that – a practice that helps us grow emotionally and neurologically and has instant endorphin release.

Journaling practices can vary …. depending on mood and intent.

Journaling that can Declutter Your Life- 

This Journaling practice is called Bullet Journal –   by forcing you to think about your true needs and choices, how to best spend your time, and how to create more time.

Clever stuff!  Journaling techniques involve using bullets and asking yourself “why” with every entry.

Journaling that enhances your Insight – 

Eurich in her book Insight encourages us to journal, but warns against some traps.

  • Don’t use journaling just as an outlet to discharge emotions or for ruminating on negative thoughts.
  • She suggests to journal in 20-30 minute intervals.
  • Those who benefit most tend to start with an incoherent , disorganized perceptions of a problem and finish with a coherent, meaningful narrative.

Imagine Your Journaling Journey …

  • where you are the main character, the ONE place where it can be all about you
  • where it’s safe and supportive around your thoughts, feelings, needs
  • where you can look at things differently, blow it up and imagine
  • where you can look at things with calm and explore new perspectives
  • where self awareness opens and self acceptance grows

Nice. 🙏

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