How We See Infinity Daily

Yes, infinity is a BIG notion.

But I was struck by the clarity of this interpretation of infinity,

… and the connection of infinity to caring.

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Start here:

“What am I: What is death—and more puzzling still, what is birth? A beginning? An ending? … Does it matter?”      Richard Taylor 1974, American philosopher. p40

We come from infinity and return to infinity.

This places infinity in each human  being.

Infinity and the human soul come before we are separate individuals…p46.


And then there is what we see:

“… the true source of wonder, … is not to be found by staring into the starry heavens, but by looking into another’s eyes for here is a more palpable infinity that can never exhaust one’s curiosity.”                                                                                                               Emmanual Levinas, French philosopher. p40

When we look into the eyes of each patient, we are looking into infinity, our collective souls.

When we look into the eyes of each patient, we are reminded of our humanity, of human beings collectively.

In face-to-face human contact … we are united through our shared humanity… p44


This brings infinity into a focus that illustrates its importance to caring. It deepens our sense of humanity in our caring….

By shifting our focus from evidence based practice to our values based practice “we reach deep into our roots of humanity and help restore the moral light that guides authentic caring … “ p 41


Watson J. Caring Science as Sacred Science. Philadelphia: FA Davis Company; 2005.

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