How Is Your Job Working For You?

Are you whistling while you work?

If not, are you thinking about it, thinking about what is happening around you? Especially, the human aspects?

Are your relationships with others good? Do your work relationships feed your soul or suck you dry? Do you feel safe, supported and good? Or good enough?


Basically, How is your job working out for you?

The thing about Jean Watson’s work is that it brings definition and clarity to our work on a level we’ve not used routinely in our work settings.

It gives us a Caring Literacy

...a way to think, talk. read, write and feel about Caring.


Gaining more information about Caring—what it is, how it works, how it affects each of us and where it comes from, not only from the science, but from our own experiences, in the here and now, from you, me and every nurse—gives us real-time insights, tools, perspectives and direction, ….

a way to think about our caring!

Thinking about         “How is your job working for you?”     Takes us to new thought places….


 Question #1:

Do you work in one of those environments where interactions among all staff are nurturing, trusting, kind? And where despite the pace of the workload, the connections between nurses and patients are authentic and non-judgmental? Where you and others feel renewed by your work and by each other? (This is a Biogenic work place per Watson & Halldorsdottir)

Or is your work place one where you and the leaders and others are kind, concerned and responsive to patients’ and others’ needs and requests? Where everyone is really trying to do the best they can while getting the work done? (This is a Bioactive work culture per Watson & Halldorsdottir)

Or do you witness and / or feel uncaring-ness around you at times ranging from apathy, insensitivity to tense distressing interactions and relationships among nurses and with patients? (This is a Biopassive, Biostatic, or Biocidic work place per Watson & Halldorsdottir)

Question #2:

What are your thoughts about what you see and feel?

Good? Bad? Just Holding on?

Grateful? Nourished? Effective? Safe? Etc. …… Or ……. On-guard? Defensive? Suspicious? Etc.

You know that your obligation is not only to your patients, your other relationships,

but to Yourself, as well.

Our jobs are more than our assignments, to-do lists, goals to be met, reports to be written, etc.


It’s how much caring is happening around you.

Go ahead and think about the particulars in the descriptions above and compare them to your job and your experiences.

These bring Good Thoughts, Good for the Soul.


Halldorsdottir S. Five basic modes of being with another. In Gaut DA, Leininger M, (Eds.), Caring: The Compassionate Healer. New York: National League for Nursing Press;1991.
Watson J. Human Caring Science: Theory of Nursing. 2nd edition. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning; 2012.

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