I experienced HOPE at the ICC

International Caritas Consortium last week, October 27-28th.

The ICC holds a conference each year at Watson Caring Science affiliate healthcare systems.

There have been 23 conferences since 2004 all over the US and one in Japan. There are also WCSI (Watson Caring Science Institute) global programs in the Middle East and Italy.


The conference last week was in Boston and was sponsored by Brigham and Women’s Hospital. There were approximately 1000 in attendance (my estimate). I heard exemplars and stories shared from nurses who are making caring science real in the lives of patients and nurses.

Ahhh.  There is Hope.images-26

Here are just a few …

  • Jean Watson’s inspiring presence as she spoke and invited other caring nurses and professionals to speak of their experiences and impacts using caring science around the world. It was amazing to witness.
  • Andy Bradley from the UK was the keynote speaker.   He is a powerful social justice leader championing healthcare and social compassion. For information about grassroots healing in the UK, access this link:
    • Andy Bradley’s TEDx talk link: Closing the Compassion Gap
    • Two things that struck me:
      • Andy said often, “Remember, The next 10 minutes will never happen again” Make it meaningful.
      • True wealth = wellness + health
  • Brian Harris – a music therapist. Music Has Power . He showed the neuroscience research on the impact of music on neuroplasticity. If you work in neuro, this information is a must for your programs. It will change the way you see neurologic healing potential. medrhythmstherapy.com.  This YouTube is a must see:


  • HeartMath – the synergy of Caring Science and Heart Math. Robert Browning & Jean Watson showed the advancements in research around our electromagnetic fields and impact on health and healing. This was described by one caritas nurse, “Heart Math is the gateway to bringing caring culture change into your organization.” If you are someone who needs tools and information to help you center/become mindful, HeartMath is for you. I am loving it. Check it out, http://www.heartmath.com/?mtcSRCID=1690


  • Research on caritas behaviors in care coordination at BWH (Brigham and Women’s)
  • Use of Caritas nursing, Heart Math and Reiki in building nurse resiliency at BWH
  • Caring Literacy – There were over 30 projects presented in breakout sessions demonstrating caring literacy. All inspiring.

The WCSI goal was achieved. The two day experience did restore and deepen our commitment to sustaining and radiating authentic practices of human caring-healing in our lives, work and world. We all walked away renewed through personal reflection and strong connection with this vibrant caring-healing community. Next year the ICC will be in San Francisco in October, sponsored by Stanford Health Care.

There is a free online program, Caring Science, Mindful Practice, scheduled in January and May that introduces and reviews Watson’s caritas practices step by step designed for immediate use through mindfulness.


I encourage you to take advantage of this offering. You can register using the WCSI link below.

These WCSI resources and events explore ways to bring caring theory and practices to life in academic and clinical practice settings through connection and learning.

They keep nursing and nurses alive, well and able to care for self

and others and the world.

We are blessed.

For more information on Watson Caring Science Institute, here is the link:


2 thoughts on “HOPE

  1. Katherine says:

    Wonderful to hear and see that there is support across the nation, and the globe, for Caring Science. We are not alone!

    1. pmcclendon says:

      Being a part of a community when seeking and applying self-changes is soothing. And it is heartening to know that there are others, especially for new nurses, my daughter. love, mom

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