Heart Stories … Love Stories

I’m betwixt and between ….

I’m recognizing that I want to learn more from the nurses and nurse leaders who are the embodiment of …

Inspiring others to love and care deeply

about themselves and others.

 I realize that when I present to nurses and groups and teams about how we can grow and expand our deep, authentic caring influence and impact beyond current levels,

… it’s hard for them to hear the distinctions from what already is …

because they are already doing a good job.

Infusing more caring language into our work routines and environments is known to grow caring consciousness and caring literacy within nurses, physicians, all carers and patients.

But how to get from where we are to higher caring experiences?

It takes more than a philosophy or evidence ….. it takes Heart Stories.

Stories about

seeing and experiencing real heart and love inspired behaviors and events.

I need more of these….

Who are the heart inspired nurses and nurse leaders already touching others with their love and heart in your life?  Let me know.

We all need to hear their stories !

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