Healing Circles

“True solitude is found in the wild places, 
where one is without human obligation. 
  “  Wendell Berry 
“Circles are the mother of methodologies based on the campfires
of our ancestors gathered around to build tribe.”   The Circle Way

Healing Circles

  • Healing Circles are an invitation to leave the outer world behind, step into a safe, accepting community, and listen, explore and access inner guidance.
  • Healing Circles is a model that transforms peer-to-peer support. These circles are guided by a unique set of agreements, which create a safe and confidential space that fosters healing and resilience. 
  • In Healing Circles,  one experiences the power of deep community through mindfulness, reflection, and presence,  … in efficient ways. 

Healing Circles Global (HCG)

  • Healing Circles Global is an organization that was based in several states across the US and then converted to online circles with the pandemic.  This has allowed HCG to expand nationally and around the world.

Healing Circles – A community for nurses 

In this unusually stressful time for nurses, it’s important to know that you are not alone.  Experience the power of deep community in Healing Circles.

Healing Circles Global is hosting several series for healthcare workers.

I invite you to join a healing circle with me on Mondays.
Supporting Healthcare 5: Caring for professionals,
Every Monday, 4:00PM to 5:00PM PDT.
Registrations are still open:   Healing Circles Global for Healthcare