Have You Ever Thought That LOVE Could Be the Basis of Your Leadership?

Have you ever thought that LOVE could be the basis of your leadership?

That the love you feel for patients and nurses could be expressed and shared practically and constructively?

That others around you could feel more safe, vulnerable, creative and empowered?

That you could gain more leadership clarity through your feelings of love?

That your love is the source for self-growth and self-care?

That you could be set free as a leader … in a way that you will never turn back?

This is what I am learning about LOVE in LEADERSHIP…..

Courtesy of StoryPeople

As I wonder about Love in Leadership, this is what I am finding:

  • Love is the root cause for all that is good
  • Love is universally experienced and understood; it has a common language
  • The heart of love is organic, authentic and transparent
  • Each nurse leader has a unique way to love
  • How to express and share love in leadership is simple and hard
  • Nurses bring love into nursing to begin with
  • Nurse leaders want to do good for all
  • Love is a growing tool; it can be used as a self-awareness and self-correction tool in real time
  • Nurses who feel love from their leaders… attract other good nurses,  provide high quality and authentic caring, grow professionally and personally, and heal themselves and others.
  • Love in leadership is not allowing lack of structure or accountability, quite the opposite.

And best of all, nurse leaders who lead with Love feel Love all around them.

We must learn more ….

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