Happy New Year for 2016! …and how to hold onto the holiday warmth.

I hope you are still feeling the holiday love and warmth from your friends and family. Isn’t it great when you can carry those feelings into the New Year?

The beginning of each year is always filled with hope, “this or that will be better this year”. Have you identified those things you want to improve in 2016?

Re-entry into post holiday work routines takes some thought and self-awareness to keep those good feelings flowing.

Start with your thoughts as you walk into work.

Does it feel good? If so, Why? Name those things or people who bring you warmth and a smile as you walk into work. And maybe even tell those folks that you feel good and why. This can spark their thoughts and self-awareness about what they are feeling.

Or if it doesn’t feel good as you open that door, ask yourself, Why? Is it leaving your family? Or is it the people you work with? Or….

If it’s negative thoughts, then be aware…. You can choose to react to your thoughts or choose to think about them.

What I love is that we have a choice at these emotionally charged moments.

I remember the very place and time when I first realized how negative my thoughts were, and how these thoughts were driving my emotions and actions.

Then I got curious and started to observe my thoughts. I learned that every action is preceded by a thought and an emotion. And over time, I learned that if I stopped and questioned my thoughts (which often included not only facts, but judgments and emotions), then my actions reflected my better self.

There is much advice out there telling us how to stabilize (or delete) our negative emotions. And I absolutely support these practices, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, exercise, etc.

But what I did not get for many years is how learning to be aware of my thoughts before they hijacked my emotions and actions was the key.

So get curious about your negative thoughts. Ask yourself:

  • WOW, where did that come from?
  • Why am I upset with myself?
  • Why am I judging him or her?

Things to think about …       that will help you hold on to those warm holiday feelings in 2016.

  • Every thought is temporary until you decide to react to it
  • Every thought opens a door to self-awareness
  • Every thought is worthy of curiosity


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