Gratitude Grows New Eyes To See

It’s been quite a year, storms of every kind.

I wish you …. time to snuggle under warm blankets, moments of peace of mind, and the work that brings you meaning and fulfillment. 

If You Are A Bit Of A Curmudgeon or Know One,  you must read this article by AJ Jacobs.  It’s a feel good experience.  It also has links to great gratitude TED talks.

Why You Should Always Thank Your Barista

But Wait, before you click…

Here Is A Great Work Suggestion –  “Gratitude Grows New Eyes To See”

I heard the above quote at a Palliative Care conference this year, and it has stuck.

This same team leader who gave this quote started a team practice 15 years ago:

At the end of every meeting, the team holds a Gratitude Circle. They go around the room, and every member voices something for which s/he is grateful.

The leader claimed that some of the members came to the meetings just in time for the Gratitude Circle, “they never miss circle”

There Is So Much Good That Comes From Gratitude 

  • Keeps us focused on the right things, the healthy things in our lives
  • Brings higher levels of
    •  alertness
    • enthusiasm
    • determination
    • optimism
    • energy
    • sleep







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