Exercising Choice is Everything … In Giving More Care*

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Exercising Choice is Everything.

Let’s break down Caring* and your current experiences in our healthcare system

  • You came to nursing to Care*
  • Healthcare is a beast to work in – the knowledge and pace demands are beyond belief and are growing
  • Patient satisfaction is important to you … you keep trying to meet your patients expectations
  • Healthcare organizations are focusing on formulaic caring in the race to higher satisfaction scores
  • Nursing administrators have not found their national collective voice about Caring* in the current healthcare system
  • You don’t feel that it is possible to engage in more Caring* in your current work environment

In the midst of these experiences in nursing practice …

Exercising Choices is Everything

Finding ways to connect more with patients is Everything

This is the reality… No matter how:

  • Broken the current healthcare system is
  • Distracted your organization’s leaders are
  • Imperfect your nursing department is

One dimension of Caring* that only you can impact is your personal knowing – Your personal mindsets and self-awareness about your Caring*, your caring consciousness.

No matter where the healthcare system is or your nursing administrators are in their caring consciousness …

Your caring consciousness is the critical factor

And while the rest of our healthcare and nursing worlds are overhauling and transforming ….

You have a choice to start now in becoming more mindful about the Caring* experience you bring to your patient.

This is Not intended to create more pressure on YOU …. You already have enough pressure and guilt.

See this as a door opening. And it’s yours to open.

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Start with these simple things ….

#1 – Know that these thoughts don’t help you and your desire to Care* more:

  • “I don’t know how”
  • “Do I care anymore?”
  • “It doesn’t matter”
  • “It’s impossible”

Instead, Ask yourself:

  • If I did know how to Care*, what would it be?
  • If I did care about my desire to Care*, what would I think about?
  • If it did matter to Care* more often with patients, what would I do?


Caring* / Care*  = Authentic Caring

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