Ethics & Emotions & Technology … Just to Start

Ethics and Emotions and Technology are in everything you do.

No other role or profession experience these dynamics at play at this level … so consistently as nursing.


I have sat in many Ethics Conferences listening to patients, families’ and care providers’ colliding emotions and competing values in an effort to reach complex decisions.

And in every case, nurses are in the middle of the questioning and suffering day in and day out with the patients and loved ones.

My purpose with Saving Nurses is to megaphone the uniqueness of nurses’ work environments to nurses and the world.


Yes, nurses need to have this message megaphoned to you as well,

so you can acknowledge to yourself the source of what you are experiencing everyday.

So you can say, “yes, this is what I am seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and feeling.”

“This is what I carry with me always.” 

This kind of steady challenge and insult to the senses and heart and spirit require life-long inward self-care.

The hope is to …

Inspire You to Acknowledge the Impact of Your Unique Work Environment

and Seek Life-Long Inward Self-Care.

This ongoing process will enliven self-awakening about what is happening within & around YOU …and to others and in the healthcare system.


unknown-7Curiosity will grow and your thoughts, observations and questions will become alive again.

Ellen Langer PhD,  considered the mother of modern mindfulness, describes a

Personal Renaissance happening around us.

Each Nurse Needs their own Personal Renaissance. 

Self-care is not limited to exercise and diet. With the mind body research, we know that self-care involves these and expanded consciousness, all of which are required for authentic caring.

Each Nurse Needs To Develop Ways To Maintain Connection

With Our Caring Roots…

Our potential to grow & change is as big or small as our desires to grow or change.

And when it comes to Authentic Caring and Nurse Health, 

All Change is Self-Change.


Self-Awakening starts with Seeing Yourself, Believing in Yourself and Your Possibilities and Rejoicing in every tiny step of Progress.

Self-Care = Self Inward Growth

Life Long Personal Self-development

 leads to deeper Loving and Caring of Self and Others.

Langer E. Mindfulness. 25th anniversary edition.  Philadelphia, PA: Ca Capo Press; 2014.

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