Do You Have Work Engagement Fatigue?

Do You Have Work Engagement Fatigue? 

I got tired of seeing work engagement articles.  I thought I “got it”.  But now I realize that there’s more to understand.  So I’m very engaged in Work Engagement articles now! Here’s my aha:

Nurse engagement leads to authenticity and deep caring connections.  

In writing my book, I ran across an explanation of  Work Engagement in a critical care research article that referenced the AACN’s The 4A’s to Rise Above Moral Distress, a meta-analysis of > 90 engagement research studies, and the UWES Work Engagement Scale.

Since then — after conferences, more articles and listening to other nurse leaders — I’ve been in a deep dive into nurses’ work engagement.

Connections between nurses’ work engagement and authentic caring :

  1. Stress undermines nurses’ access to their authenticity and deep caring connections
  2. Work engagement is the path to authenticity and activation of authentic caring connections
  3. Nurse work engagement activation requires 2 sources:
    • job resources that mitigate job stress:  reduce work barriers and promote professional growth — support, autonomy, mastery
    • growth of nurses’ inner resources to navigate personal stressors: self-care and wellness resources

More from UWES Work Engagement resources:

  • Engagement is a higher-order construct
  • Engagement involves high levels of personal investment in the work tasks performed on a job
  • There’s a – psychological connection with the performance of work
    • self-investment of personal resources – physical, emotional, cognitive
    • involves – emotions toward the work; sense of self; self-expression; psychological                                               presence; moments of all consuming
    • holistic investment; experience is simultaneous and holistic; an experience of the work
    • it’s an activation; not an attitude towards features of the job or organization mission
    • it’s > job satisfaction (not a  judgment)
    • it’s not about the organization; it’s about the experience of the work
    • it’s a holistic investment in the work, an ‘activation’
  • Engagement is a positive fulfilling work-related state of mind that is characterized by vigor, dedication and absorption.
    • affective cognitive state that is focused on the work
    • vigor- high levels of energy and mental resilience; willingness to invest effort in one’s work
    • dedication – strongly involved in one’s work and experiencing a sense of significance, etc
    • absorption – fully concentrated and engrossed in one’s work ….

Other Work Engagement sources do not describe work engagement as a ‘higher-order construct” – Beware

  • Gallup focuses on work conditions & organization mission , not the psychological ‘attachment’ to the work
  • The Advisory Board Company developed their own Nurse Engagement Survey?
  • Not sure about Press-Ganey.  Christina Dempsey (Press-Ganey CNO)  presented last week at the AONE conference and talked about engagement activation. Is their work engagement source based on UWES Work Engagement?  (Confirmation on source to come).


I suppose that nurses’ work engagement being the path to authenticity is no surprise.  But I am intrigued just the same.

Much more to come on Nurses Work Engagement….  

ps. Yoga was great.

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