Do You Have a Self-Care Sanctuary?


Speaking of the importance of Self-Care … and the importance of environment …

Do you have a self-care sanctuary?

Mine started out as an altar, of sorts. An altar is a “table top used to focus on a religious ritual” … (I was brought up Catholic… it still surfaces)

Now my sacred space is my closet.

There is a trend for special individual spaces… seen in Super Bowl commercials— The Man Cave and The She Shed

These are spaces set aside as a getaway for rest and relaxation.

Examples from the internet: “My Happy Place”,  “Reading Room”, “Quiet Room”, “Unplugged Room” ….

These are all forms of self-care.

I like the idea of a sanctuary.

Sanctuary – a sacred space consecrated, or dedicated, devoted exclusively to a particular purpose.

The healthcare organizations affiliated with the Watson Caring Science Institute often create a space for nurses and others to retreat to during their work time. These are …

Self-Care Sanctuaries

These self-care sanctuaries are set up as a place to get a treat (cup of tea, water, etc), and where each nurse can sit or recline and renew their energy and caring intentions— A space to be mindful, to center, to meditate, to rest, to recharge the heart, mind, spirit, which will in turn recharge the body.

These are practices that take practice.  

Creating a Self-Care Sanctuary at home helps us practice.

And it does so much more ….

By having a space set aside for self-care at home, we communicate to ourselves that self-care is important, that we are worthy and that the space is there for us when we are ready.

PLUS it signals to your family the same. There’s not a better gift to your children to signal the importance of self  than to exhibit self-care.

Their respect and honor of you and themselves increases when you do the same for yourself.

Self-care is not a one-way street, it is a sacred circle in life.


Featured image:, courtesy of Arno Smit.

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