DIY Dying

This past weekend, I volunteered to participate with the San Diego Coalition for Compassionate Care in the San Diego Healthy Aging Expo

and in the San Diego Beautiful Dying Expo  

Conversations About Dying 

It was exciting to see that the subject of dying is becoming more and more mainstreamed.

Seeing the growing opportunities evident in the variety of  settings for these conversations to happen was powerful.

Here are Several Websites to Explore

Prepare For Your Care website    Offers all the critical advanced directive elements.

Five Wishes   Five Wishes organization and document takes you through all the critical steps

Get Palliative Care    This site provides palliative care information and resources, to help you live well with serious illness.

The Conversation Project    An interactive website with creative and helpful advance care planning support.  My personal favorite

Kimberly Paul TEDx talk        Talks about the “elephant in the room” and promotes death by design and having a voice in how we die.

DIY Dying     Offers Death Midwifery and Home funeral services and Green burial services.

Green Burials   Natural burials services are available across the country in various locations.  There is evidence to support this approach as an Eco friendly.

A Hopeful Thought … 

As our death and dying conversations take deeper root in our communities, and are less healthcare industry dependent, …

… People can learn to see the possibilities in how to shape their deaths as their personal experience, not as a healthcare institution experience.

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