Come… Read … this explains how we got here

I am quite excited about an article I wrote that just came out on Monday in Nursing Management.

Drum roll, please….

Authentic caring: Rediscover the essence of nursing.

 If you want to go straight to it, don’t let me stop you.

I believe that this article provides a worthy explanation of how we—nursing and caring—got to where we are today in healthcare.

My goal with this publication was to get it into a nursing leadership journal.   Check that off.

Some of my most favorite people in the world are nurse leaders….  hearts of gold, I tell you.  And it’s up to us to find the path forward for nursing.

This is no easy thing….  Boy, do we get hijacked by healthcare and then we ourselves continue to bypass the very thing we are most dedicated to:

Caring –  the Real Connecting type Caring

We’re all confused by what is going on in Healthcare—nurses, physicians, administrators and the public.

In this article I start with how the monetization of patient satisfaction has led to the dominance of caring scripts and compassion programs, and then how this confuses who we are and our practice expectations.  I provide research based definitions of caring, the journey to authentic caring, how our society’s expectations have changed, and then the critical role of nurse leaders to lead us forward and to transform healthcare.

Simple, it’s all simple….. 

“Caring consciousness skills are as critical as clinical skills to patients’ well being, nurses’ caring connections, healthcare’s organizational culture, and society’s wellness.  How nurses and nurse leaders communicate caring impacts how it’s understood and valued by all.”

You see, Simple! 

Well, maybe not simple, but it is possible. 


Image courtesy of Nursing Management



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